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Sun coin is a true community currency

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In SunCoin Community, we believe is not susteinable at a long term for several reasons: - It's being mined without people taking in consideration where this energy is coming from. - In some areas of the planet, the energy consumption is totally out of control - There are places where the energy can't reach, and other places where energy is a Luxury Product. In this space is where we developed our aim to create a solid community that introduces projects with which ones we can, in a short term, generate an impact on environment with the starting of the actual blockchain. Still, is not late to reuse this energy or make it reach to where is needed. It will not be a short path within some months, but we can work on our way to stop killing the planet using SunCoin blockchain.


7424 SUN - GIveaways & Overemo explorer

199425 SUN - Giveaways & returned coins

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